About Marit Eik

Marit Eik sitting.

Marit Eik has a four year academic art and design education from England and posesses more than 30 years experience within art and design.

Already before she started her studies abroad, she had designed several products on the Norwegian market, among them where tiles for the one and only ceramic tile factory in Norway.

After her education she became a member of NTKD and she had great success especially in Japan where several of her designs for textiles were purchased and produced.

In the year 1989 she was invited to participate at a collective exhibition in France. This is were her work was discovered by an art critic, and she was offered a separate sales exhibition at a gallery in Paris. She was happy to accept and this exhibition in Paris was yet another success. All her paintings were sold within a few days.

From 1981 to 2007, Marit Eik has had several separate exhibitions and also participated in several collective exhibitions around the world. Some of them in Norway, France, Japan, New Zealand, USA, Hong Kong, England, Tunis, Spain, Singapore and Italy.

In the period 1981 - 2007, the artist has attended several juried and prestigious exhibitions, internationally.

She has also won several awards for her artwork, amoung these are 1st Prix and Prix d`excellence.

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